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welcome to the home of terraineer :)

version 0.3 released (03.09.2006)! for more information, please see the changelog.

the short version:

use: heightmap (terrain) generation; sort of a terrain generation wiki
availability: source code and linux binaries; runs on mono and .net
cost: free
license: gpl
language: nemerle
gui toolkit: gtk#
author: caminoix

the long version:

terraineer is a small utility which can be used to generate and to learn to generate heightmaps.

heightmaps are the most popular way of representing the terrain (landscape) in lots of programs, especially games. basically, they are bitmaps on which the colour (more precisely, the number of the colour) of each pixel represents the height of the terrain at the given point.

there exist lots of different algorithms of heightmap generation. the results they give usually differ from one another considerably. terraineer can help you choose the right method for your needs, and learn how to use it.

one of the best things about terraineer is that it is pluggable. in other words, you can very easily try your own algorithms (see here how to do it), and share them with others to gain an eternal programming glory and a devoted teenagers fanclub.

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