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v0.1; caminoix; 10.07.2006
v0.2; caminoix; 03.09.2006
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tricolour: map colours (tricolour)
fluent: map colours (fluent)

the map colours plugin has two modes: tricolour and fluent.

this mode generates a pallette made up of three gradients: blue, green and red. it has a few settings:
max. & min. intensity - the starting and ending intensity of the three colours (range 0-255);
land & mountains border - the lower borders of the green and the red;
in other words, tricolour generates the following pallette:
0 -> land border: (min. -> max. intensity) blue,
land border -> mountains border: (min. -> max. intensity) green,
mountains border -> 255: (min. -> max. intensity) red.

this mode generates a pallette fluently changing from blue through green and yellow to red.

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