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currently available plugins:
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name version* type description author
fault 0.3:0.3 map looks very well, quite fast; deserves more popularity caminoix
fluid 0.2:0.3 map slow but looks not bad and pretty customizable caminoix
hills 0.3:0.3 map fast, easy and quite good-looking; deserves more popularity caminoix
plasma 0.3:0.3 map fast, easy and good-looking; very popular caminoix
worms 0.3:0.3 map quite fast, extremely easy and quite good-looking; not very popular caminoix
mapcolours 0.2:0.3 colour i was not born an artist, i'm afraid, sorry... caminoix
averaging 0.2:0.3 filter extremely easy, very fast and pretty nice caminoix
interpolation 0.2:0.3 filter pretty easy and fast with nice results caminoix

* in the following format: plugin_version:terraineer_version

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